Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It includes one-on-one counselling by experienced professionals—a detoxification program followed by larger treatment as required.

Treat Gambling Addiction

We provide insight into the reasons and make them understand what triggers the behaviour. They get the best environment to recover from this habit.

Drug Addiction Problem

Later stage patients may require long term support and need an inpatient treatment approach, whereas early-stage patients need primary medication and therapy.

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We're an award winning Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Junagadh

We empower people with valuable information and reliable treatment in Junagadh, Gujarat. All our members believe that addiction, compulsive behaviour, and disorders are brain diseases. It can be cured with proper medications and therapies.

Our doctors, nurses, and addiction specialists are empathic to the patient and help them achieve long-term abstinence. We offer regulated treatment in a controlled atmosphere where the patients are monitored 24/7 by medical professionals. Treatment includes medications, therapies, exercises, yoga, and substitution activities. We want dedication and cooperation from our clients.

To provide the best drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in Junagadh, all of our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. We respect everyone and their privacy. Moreover, an experienced medical team regulates all our online content and treatment. Adhering to the core value of our organisation, we do not indulge in deceptive marketing campaigns or misinformation.

We want to bring an optimistic thought and positive mindset to our patients for development and success.

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What is Rehab

How does it work

We understand that addiction is a brain disease. It is a transition of chemicals in the human brain that engage in compulsive behaviour and make decisions that injure the body.

The treatment is a multifaceted process and depends on the intensity of addiction. The first part of the treatment deals with the withdrawal process. It can take a month, a year or a lifetime. Some rehabs end here, but some clients need larger treatment.

It is followed by Cognitive Behavioural Counselling (CBC) and medication. CBC mainly deals with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, which can be a result of addiction. Medication helps to decrease the psychological symptoms.

To ensure the best result, please consult with our medical experts, insurance companies, friends and family members to figure out the most-effective treatment the client needs to get rid of the addiction. Three types of treatment are popular in India:

Inpatient Treatment
It provides 24-hour residential care and treatment in a controlled environment. This prevents patients from using the addictive materials and enables a profound change in their life. It includes medication and monitoring by our medical experts. We believe it is the best way to recover from long-term addiction.

Outpatient Treatment
It offers a treatment where clients visit the centre daily or weekly to receive the therapy and medication. It is not effective against long term addiction, but it works effectively for those who have a healthy home environment and support from friends and family members.

Detox Treatment
It is applicable for inpatient and outpatient treatments to ensure the client completes the drug or alcohol detox before starting the larger treatment.

We are one of the leading rehabilitation centres in Junagadh, Gujarat, which helps the patient overcome drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. We provide a tranquil environment and serene ambience to provide customised treatment in Junagadh. Our treatment deals with positivity which brings a positive mindset and balance to their life.

It includes one to one counselling, individualised case management, therapies, meditation, yoga, other activities and many more. This rehabilitation centre is private and affordable, with the best quality of service in Gujarat.

All the counsellors, therapists, doctors and members are experienced and highly qualified to create a client-friendly environment where they recover with care and concern.

We help our clients to create a healthy life with a positive mind, heart and soul, completely free from addiction and gambling.

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Cocaine Addiction

A tropane alkaloid and stimulant drug that results in intense feelings of happiness, agitation and loss of contact with reality. Know the facts.

Heroin Addiction

It is an opioid-based drug that can be used in medical treatment, but overuse of this drug causes addiction, compulsive behaviour and other disorders.

Weed/ Ganja Addiction

It results in withdrawal symptoms, sleep difficulty, decreased appetite, restlessness, cravings, and/or various forms of physical discomforts.

Sleeping Pills Addiction

Sleeping pills are habit-forming. Overuse of this drug with alcohol may cause addiction and other critical diseases. Learn more about the dangers of sleeping pills and how to treat them.

Cricket Betting Addiction

Cricket betting addiction is a psychological disorder. It has a dopamine effect on the brain like other drugs that develop a dependency on wins associated with betting.

Prescription Drugs Addiction

Prescription drug addiction can be compulsive and results in ongoing negative consequences. Prescription drugs addiction is a serious disease. Treatment is available.


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